• 1 Camions 12, 16 et 20 pieds avec monte-charge, fourgonnettes cargo, camionnettes à cabine double
  • 2 Vous aimez notre véhicule? Vous pouvez aussi l'acheter!
  • 3 Fourgonnettes 7, 8 et 15 passagers avec DVD et GPS disponibles!
  • 4 Vous déménagez? Nous avons tout ce qu'il vous faut!
  • 5 Voitures économiques, hybrides, luxueuses, cabriolets


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Q: In case of a car accident, may I rent a vehicle with you even if my insurer has an agreement with another retailer?

A: Absolutely. The agreement your insurer has with another car rental provider doesn’t mean you have to use this supplier’s services. If you need a vehicle while yours is being repaired, contact us and we will be pleased to make the arrangements to directly bill your insurer.


Q: Can you pick me up if I want to rent a car or a truck? 

A: Yes. You only need to give us the address where you want us to pick you up and we will agree with you on a time to do it.


Q: Is a credit card mandatory to rent a car or a truck?

A: ?


Q: Does the credit card used for the rental needs to be owned by the person who will drive the vehicle?

A: No?


Q: What is the required age to rent a vehicle?

A: For cars and moving trucks, you must be at least 21. For 25 passengers vans, you must be at least 25.


Q: Is it possible to include more than one driver in the rental contract?

A: Yes?


Q: Does the insurance from my own vehicle covers the vehicle I’m renting with you?

A: ?


Q: What is the amount of the deductible to pay in case of an accident with the rented vehicle?

A: ?


Q: Is it possible to bring back the vehicle outside of Bonne Route’s business hours?

A: Yes. When you come for your rental, we will be pleased to explain the procedure.


Q: Can we go to the United States with the vehicle?

A: Yes. Our insurance includes a protection in case of accident on the US territory. Additional charges?


Q: What is the best time to make a truck reservation for my move?

A: If you are moving during the high moving season, e.g. June or July, it is better to reserve…

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have other questions!

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